AREA exclusiv convinces with a puristic design. The front is tight fit with no overhang and an integrated rain gutter. The design is highly sophisticated even in the most minute detail. All technical components are concealed, ensuring the look of a single piece. Elegant cover profiles keep nuts, bolts and mounting grooves invisible to the eye. Emergency drains in the AREA terrace glass ensure protection from frost damage.


You can use the following options to extend and combine your AREA exclusiv:


AREA slide: Thanks to the smooth-running AREA slide elements, you can open and close your AREA classic or AREA exclusiv with just one hand. The frameless elements offer maximum transparency and allow an unrestricted view of the surrounding countryside.

AREA fix: These glass elements provide fixed glazing, protecting your favourite spot from slanting rain and side winds. This offers you protection from draughts and makes your favourite spot even cosier. 

AREA slim: As an almost frameless glass system, the solid AREA slim fixed glazing provides maximum transparency and an almost unrestricted and panoramic view. AREA slim is available up to 3 m depth.

AREA led: With AREA led, the dimmable LED lighting, you can create a moody atmosphere. So you will enjoy those evenings on your terrace even more. 


Gartenzimmer Glas AluDesign Gartenzimmer mit LEDTerrasenüberdachung modern Gartenzimmer Glas Alu beleuchtet Kaltdach-Terrasse



AREA exclusiv is available as an AREA 100 or 150. The rafters of the AREA 100 are 100 mm high, whereas the AREA 150's rafters are 150 mm high.


AREA exclusiv can be built as a single roof up to 700 cm width. To realize larger widths, profiles can be coupled together. The maximum roof depth for AREA 100 is 325 cm, while for AREA 150 it is 600 cm. The sizes that can be realised depend on the regional snow load class.


The AREA exclusiv comes in the standard colours LEINER LOUNGE dark grey, LEINER LOUNGE grey, LEINER LOUNGE anthracite or traffic white (RAL 9016) or, alternatively, in one of the other 15 LEINER LOUNGE fine textured finishes. We can also supply them in any preferred RAL colour for an additional charge – ask your specialist partner for advice.

AREA free

Bioklima Terrassendach

AREA free generates a bioclimatic air circulation process under the glass roof, which means that the trapped warm air can escape in a natural way. A "chimney effect" ensures a pleasant supply of fresh air. It can be combined with both the AREA exclusiv 150 and the AREA classic 150. Of course, the sliding roof window can be retrofitted.

Optional extras
Terrassenüberdachung AREA classic mit BeleuchtungAREA led

The dimmable AREA led elements create an atmospheric light. You can order AREA led with your glass roof or retrofit it at any time. When you buy an AREA exclusiv terrace glass system, though, you will get the AREA led starter pack free of charge. It is worth EUR 1100.


Terrassenüberdachung modern mit Schiebetüren area slideAREA slide

The frameless, smooth-running slide elements of the AREA slide make it easy to open and close your sunroom.

Gartenzimmer Glas Alu mit SeitenscheibenAREA fix

The fixed elements of the AREA fix ensure reliable protection from the wind and weather. The rain and wind simply stay outside.


Gartenzimmer Glas Alu mit rahmenlosen SeitenscheibenAREA slim

The almost frameless glass system delivers maximum transparency and an almost unrestricted view outside with a depth of up to 3 m. 


Heizstrahler für Gartenzimmer Glas AluHeater

A heater allows you to sit out longer on those balmy summer evenings and enjoy the pleasant warmth under your terrace roof. The heaters are also available in one of our 18 LEINER LOUNGE colours to match the terrace roof. You also have the option of operating it wirelessly and integrating it into your smart home.

Terrassenüberdachung modern mit Markise unter dem DachUnderglass awnings

Mounted under an AREA classic or exclusiv offer protection from too much sun even when it is windy.


Terrassenüberdachung modern mit Markise auf dem DachSunroom shades

Mounted on the AREA, they protect from overheating – the ideal solution for large roofs in particular.


Terrassenüberdachung modern mit SenkrechtmarkiseWind-stable vertical awning

The CANTO QSZ is the ideal fit for AREA in terms of design, size and function. They can be mounted on the front and on the sides, to protect you from sun and secure privacy from your neighbours.


Gartenzimmer Design area exclusiv 100 wandanschlussAREA exclusiv 100



Illustration: AREA exclusiv 100 wall connection

Gartenzimmer Design area exclusiv 150 wandanschlussAREA exclusiv 150



Illustration: AREA exclusiv 150 wall connection


Prospekt AREA TerrassenglassystemFurther information about the AREA terrace glass system can be found in our AREA brochure, which is available to download (PDF).


What is...?

  • Emergency drainage

    The emergency drainage integrated in all profiles of the AREA terrace glass system effectively prevents the accumulation of water and frost damage within the profiles because water and moisture are drained off before this can arise.

  • AREA free

    AREA free is a motorised sliding roof window, that can be conveniently opened with io radio control. AREA free provides a bioclimatic effect to your glass roof.

  • AREA led
    xThe AREA led is our individual lighting system with dimmable LED elements for the AREA terrace glass system. It can also be retrofitted in the rafters of the AREA terrace glass system at any time.
  • EN 1090

    This is a mandatory certification for manufacturers and suppliers of structural steel and aluminium parts. In the European Union, terrace glass systems and cold roofs are required to have EN 1090 certification. Anyone places such systems on the market without the required certification is liable to prosecution in the event of an incident. Uncertified systems pose a high safety risk. LEINER meets all the requirements for this certification and is certified according to EN 1090 standard.

  • Snow load

    The snow load is the force which snow applies on structures due to its own weight. This is depending on your region and the altitude above sea level. For a proper and, above all, safe configuration of your terrace roof, it is essential to know the snow load defined for your district. The regional snow load class defines which roof sizes can be realized. No roof can be mounted safely, if the regional snow load is ignored. See also the lexicon entry for snow load zones.


  • 7m width
  • 6m roof depth
  • 3.25m roof depth
  • 3-28 projection
  • couplable
  • LED