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How to make that favourite spot under the glass roof even more homely

Glass structures

Glasshouses and sunrooms flooded with light allow the sun to be enjoyed whatever the time of year while providing protection from the cold and wind. In summer especially, though, your favourite spot can quickly become a heat trap. High-quality and perfectly finished shade systems will help you regulate the amount of heat and light and with it the room climate. What is more, the long-lasting LEINER shade systems can be used also with large roofs. Fully automated controls supplement the electric motor of the standard version on request. They are available as sun or wind and rain monitors.

sunroom shades, pic in b/wsunroom shades, pic in colours

Sunroom shade

Sunroom shades on the glass roof effectively prevent the room from overheating too much. A variety of models can be used, depending on the shape of the room or glazed area.


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Underglass awnings, pic in b/wUnderglass awnings, pic in colours

Underglass awnings

Underglass awnings are preferably mounted below the glazed surface of "cold roofs". This means they have only limited exposure to the elements.

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Window awnings, pic in b/wWindow awnings, pic in colours

Window awnings

Window awnings provide vertical protection for glazed areas. The different variants – with a guide rail or wire cable, and also with different cassette forms – make the window awnings from LEINER suitable for all scenarios. Wind-stable solutions can also be realised.

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