The right protection against sun, rain and wind, customised for every terrace


One of the preferred spots for spending time outdoors at home is the terrace. LEINER also has the right model of awning for your terrace: high-quality, long-lasting, made to measure and, thanks to the comprehensive selection of awning fabrics and colour schemes, the perfect visual complement to your outside area. What is more – by the way, our awnings can be mounted on existing properties or – in the case of a new building – factored into the plans from the start of construction. Our specialist partners will be happy to advise you.

cassette awning, pic in b/wcassette awning, pic in colours

Cassette awnings

Cassette awnings – always the right choice. High-end cassette awnings are the elite among awnings, offering many attractive advantages.

When closed both the fabric and the arms of the awning are optimally protected from the weather by a cassette. Furthermore, they can be used at almost every location at the building (balcony, terrace...) and thanks to the different features they can be customized for your personal requirements. For example with or without VARIO-VOLANT valance or as a SUNRAIN model for use in sun and rain.

The special LEINER manufacturing process for the heavy charged components made out of specially toughened aluminium offers maximum safety while enabling the greatest possible dimensions – which means you can enjoy your awning for many years.


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Two coupled folding arm awnings, pic is b/wTwo coupled folding arm awnings in dark brown and white

Folding arm awnings

LEINER folding arm awnings can do a lot, are robust and also look good – perfectly suited for large shading areas.  

They are preferably used on balconies and terraces, but are also available for restaurants and hotels, with or without VARIO-VOLANT valance and as SUNRAIN models for use in sun and rain. The special LEINER manufacturing process for the heavy charged components made of specially toughened aluminium offers maximum safety and also allows for the largest construction dimensions – so you can enjoy your awning for many years.

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awnings with a valance, pic 1awnings with a valance, pic 2

Awnings with a VARIO-VOLANT valance 

Awnings with a VARIO-VOLANT valance – for even more shade. The valance is a steplessly rollable awning fabric that is integrated into the front profile and perfectly adapts the area shaded by your awning

to the progression of the sun. This ensures perfect shade, which can be adapted to the sun's position, for instance at sunset or in general at west-facing locations. The valance can also be used to provide privacy from your neighbourhood.

LEINER's VARIO-VOLANT valance range is finalized by different drive types: operated manually by crank or conveniently by radio-controlled motor.

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waterproof pergola system, pic in b/wwaterproof terrace folding roof, pic in colours

Pergola systems

Pergola systems – the exclusive protection for your terrace. Terrace folding roofs – also called PERGOLA SUNRAIN – are used to offer additional protection against rain and strong winds, particularly on large terraces.

LEINER's pergola models have been developed to meet the highest standards in the private and commercial sector and even accomplish the extreme requirements of the gastronomic industry. Complemented by vertical awnings, they create a flexible, textile space concept that makes your terrace almost weather-independent.

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