Highest quality at every stage of production

At LEINER, consistent control from development to the final production stage ensures uncompromising quality of the very highest level. We develop and manufacture all our products in Germany only, and in compliance with the LEINER quality management system, which is based on EN ISO 9001. All our awnings are tested in accordance with EN 13561 and bear the CE mark. Our quality expectations also extend to the awning fabrics: the in-house sewing departement processes the high-quality, weatherproof materials – and without any intrusive intermediate seams either.


Our innovations, too, are exciting. The constant improvement of our products and innovative ideas from our team of experts have, for instance, enabled us to develop:

  • the first all-aluminium awning
  • the first cassette awning with stepless inclination mechanism
  • our LEINER patent for the adjustable hood profile of the Ventura Trend awning
  • a sole position on the market with our patented SUNRAIN, the awning for sun and rain – unique solutions geared particularly towards the gastronomy.


Combined with comprehensive product know-how and many years of experience, we can also produce interesting niche solutions and realize short delivery times – why not put us to the test?


Hardened aluminium for greater safety – withstands not only 200 km/h speeds, but also wind force 5

In cars, aluminium rims and brake callipers of disc brakes are among the most safety-critical components and have to be capable of withstanding emergency braking at speeds of 200 km/h and even greater loads without fracturing. That means these components have something vital in common with the components used in LEINER awnings.


Both the car components and the LEINER awning components are produced using the same manufacturing process. Cast with a special aluminium alloy, the arm and arm bracket parts of our awnings are heat-treated in a subsequent process. The change this produces in the castings enables them to withstand twice the forces. A tensile strength of up to 350 N/mm² is achievable – the reason for our undisputed market position in the awnings with 4-metre projection segment.


At LEINER safety is not just a word, it is a concept. For years we have been the only awning manufacturer to use only LEINER castings that have been hardened under this process for all heavily stressed areas of all awning models. They guarantee long life and meet the highest safety requirements – which makes them beyond comparison with conventional cast parts. Even an additional VARIO-VOLANT valance with heavier profiles does not impair the function of our hardened arm parts and brackets. Generic awning arms with die-forged arm parts from competitors were tested to breaking point in internal quality tests. Contrary to claims going round on the market, the failure values of the competitor arms with forged parts were in some cases actually worse than those of the hardened LEINER arm parts – clear evidence of our safety and quality concept.

LEINER awnings - made of hardened aluminium

Safety from hardened aluminium