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Mobile or fixed – flexible shading for outdoor areas


Providing effective and stable protection for outdoor areas from the sun, wind and rain places high requirements on retractable awning systems. LEINER's various free-standing awnings cover all usage scenarios for almost any size of area: permanent installations or a mobile solution with an aluminium frame that can be erected and taken down quickly, fixed in position or completely free-standing. Our local dealers will be happy to advise you.

free standing awnings - pic in b/wfree standing awnings - pic in colours

Free-standing awnings

Free-standing awnings come in a range of types, depending on the awning system. Click here and take a look at the various possibilities.

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side awning in a courtyard, pic in b/wside awning in a courtyard, pic in colours

Side awning

A side awning is the ideal option for protection from inquisitive glances and lateral sunlight.

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