Sun protection that is good for the environment

An intact environment, climate protection and especially the sparing use of raw materials and resources are core topics at LEINER. Sustainability and waste avoidance is our number one priority – this is why we think about resources and the environment before starting to produce our awnings.


All LEINER awnings and terrace roofs are made in Germany. Optimised procedures in purchasing and production enable us to avoid long and unnecessary transport routes, while harmful emissions are reduced to a minimum.


The production of long-lasting and hence environmentally-friendly products with the best eco-balance has enormous importance when it comes to protecting the environment. For all the materials we use in our production, LEINER always insists on the maximum quality in order to guarantee long life – from the fully recyclable aluminium to our awning fabrics which are made and dyed in eco-friendly processes.


LEINER awnings are designed intelligently and sustainably. New folding arms, for instance, will still fit the awnings you bought many years ago, and we keep spare parts in stock for many years.


ES-SO, the European Solar Shading Organisation, has put together further information in a brochure entitled Guide to Low Energy Shading

Long lasting products like LEINER's awnings are a contribution to environmental protection



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LEINER is member of ITRS association   LEINER is member of the European Solar Shading Organization