Modern awning fabrics for sun and rain

Design your terrace with a special textile flair

Create your awning with individual fabrics from LEINER and transform your terrace into an outside living room. Scroll through our collection and be inspired by our new fabric designs. The present LEINER awning fabrics offer a wide range for every requirement and sense of style.

A huge selection of modern fabrics in fine tones of grey and beige meets the aesthetics of the actual trends in architecture. Fabrics with a nubby irregular structure enchant with their individuality and character. Noble tones in pastel will give an airy touch to your terrace. Fabrics with completely smooth fibers impress with their brightness and brilliance in colour as well as their self-cleaning-effect.

Thanks to many different special fabrics, LEINER serves a broad range of application areas. Because of an absolutely watertight and extremly stable fabric, the SUNRAIN awnings are reliable rain protections. For use with vertical awnings, perforated polyester fabrics are a perfect privacy shield, while the view to the outside is unrestricted.

Protection against sun

Thanks to a sun protection factor between UV 20 and UV 80, our modern high-tech fabrics protect against dangerous UV-rays.

Explanation: With a UV 80 sun protection factor you can stay in the sun 80 times longer than unprotected.


Protection against rain

Staying outside – also by instable weather. Enjoy your terrace on sunny and rainy days.

Conventional awnings are just limited suitable when it rains. The patented SUNRAIN awnings were developped escecially for those who want be independent of the whether.


Focus on environment

We live the environmental idea. With an environmental friendly and resource protecting production. Thanks to recyclable materials.

And of course, with innovative, long lasting products – made for many years of terrace enjoyment.

Our products also help to save energy in everyday use. Thanks to innovative awning systems and fabrics, the heating of the interiors can be contained significantly even in summer – for a sense of well-being even without AC.


High-tech fabrics

After weaving our polyacrylic and polyester fabrics are finished with a protective layer.

This special impregnation prevents from water, moisture as well as dirt and supports the self-cleaning effect – the water just drips off, like known from nature.

Our high-quality polyacrylic and polyester fabrics are made from 100 % solution dyed materials. In other words, each yarn is coloured from the surface to the core. The result: brillant colours with a strong brightness. And thanks to the UV resistance, they are colour fast even after years.


The LEINER range of fabrics

A broad range of fabrics for a perfect awning

Make your choice of a broad spectrum in colours, structures and functions. So you will find the right system.


The wave‘s tracks in the beige sand, seeding rows drawn with the pough brown in brown, ashen lava streams – the linear structures of natural landscapes were the source of inspiration for our Landscape fabric designs. Tone in tone, the woven stripes convey calm and elegance. Thanks to the gentle coordination of the colours the Landscape design fits very well modern buildings as well as classical one- or two-family houses. A graceful tonality, that breathes harmony and balance. As a scenic landscape.

Thanks to the premium awning fabric LUMERA from Sattler, our Landscape designs are brilliant in colour and offer best brightness. In contrary to tradional acrylic fibers, the innovative Clean-Brilliant-Acrylic fibers are completely flat. This and a special treatment create the self-cleaning-effect: Due the smooth fiber, less dirt sticks to the fabric than on conventional acrylic awning fabrics. This is verifiably.

Wild silk

The nubby irregular structure of wild silk enchants with its individuality and unconventional character. Thereby exquisiteness and value are shown with a natural, unique impression. Awning cloths from the Wild Silk collection impress with their elemental look and haptic feel. The balanced soft colours are the aesthetic counterpart to the noble surface texture.

Pastel and nature

Ease, vibrancy, sunshine – pastel and light natural shades bring a touch of summer freshness and thus a feather-light attitude to life on your terrace. Soft shades of rosé correspond with the blossoms in the garden. Green spreads a natural flair. Kind shades of sand and beige create a harmoniously relaxed ambience. Enjoy all the charm of summer under your awning fabric from LEINER.

From yellow to red

Is their any tone, that suits an awning better than the colour of the sun? From bright yellow and brilliant orange to vibrant red. Yellow is the lightest colour. It is stimulating, cheerful and wightless. It pleasantly softens the blinding sunlight without foregoing summer luminosity. As a mix of red and yellow, orange symbolizes warmth and light. It signals carefreeness and drive. Fiery red stimulates and animates you. It spends energy and vitality.

From grey to brown

Whether silver-grey, light grey or anthracite – thanks to awning fabrics in grey tones, your terrace gets a timeless and elegant touch. Grey goes just as well with classical buildings as with a modern and cubic architecture. It makes other colours shine, while itself stays puristic and gentle. Colours like sand and soil convince with their natural look and cosy appeal. The warm colours create a homely atmosphere.

From green to blue

Apple-green, fir green, reseda green – green tones symbolize nature and life, growth and freshness. So they fit excellently on a terrace and form the perfect transition from the garden into the living area. At the same time, they have a calming and relaxing effect. A cool blue creates tranquility. Combined with grey you will get elegant tone-in-tone integrations. If you shade blue with red, you will get purple and also extravagance on your terrace.


Our fabric awnings made of 100 % solution dyed polyester fit especially with extensive folding arm awnings. They are thinner and slightly lighter than normal polyacrylic fabrics. The advantage: a strong resilience and a high resistance to deformation and traction. So they tend less to distension and are characterized by less wrinkling.

Area of application

  • Extensive folding arm awnings
  • Conservatory shadings
  • Window awnings
  • Side awnings


The Précontraint fabrics are absolutely watertight and extremly stable. So they are perfectly suitable for all our SUNRAIN products, which protect against sun and rain. Furthermore these fabrics are odorless, easy to clean and also eco-friendy – thanks to their 100 % recycling capability.

Area of application

  • All SUNRAIN folding arm awnings
  • Side awnings
  • Window awnings (SD, SF, SZ)

Soltis Proof W96

Soltis Proof W96 is a watertight fabric with a high translucency and a textured look. Thanks to the characteristics of the material, it is especially suitable for the PERGOLA SUNRAIN. Weight approx. 600 g/m².

Area of application



TEMPOTEST STARSCREEN is a perforated polyester fabric. Therefore it is optimally suitable for window awnings and VARIO-VOLANT valances. Thanks to the excepional fabric width of 320 cm, „seamless“ vertical awnings (QSZ) can be realized for the installation with a Q.bus or PERGOLA SUNRAIN Q.

Area of application

  • Window awning
  • VARIO-VOLANT valance
  • Side awnings

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UV Standart 801Here we have an overview with the UV values of our awning fabrics and an explanation of the symbols used in our fabrics collection.