Modern awning fabrics for sun and rain

Design your terrace with a special textile flair

Transform your terrace or open space into an outdoor living area, according to your taste and preferences. With more than 200 designs, the current LEINER awning fabrics offer you a diverse selection for every requirement and every sense of style.

The diverse range of modern unit fabrics offers the aesthetic equivalent of current architectural trends inspired by Bauhaus. Bright colours reflect the power of nature. Textured towels with natural and irregular surfaces of wild silk provide individuality and idiosyncratic character.

The theme of sustainability also gains more space with collection components made from 50% recycled polyacrylic. Cloths with an extra-smooth surface convince with high colour brilliance and a self-cleaning effect that allows dirt to simply roll off.

With numerous special fabrics, Leiner meets a wide range of functions. Waterproof high-performance fabrics make SUNRAIN awnings reliable sun and rain protection. Lattice fabrics for vertical shading offer perfect privacy protection with simultaneous transparency. The fabrics are characterised by a natural look and a textile impression as well as optimum UV protection.

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Protection against sun

Thanks to a sun protection factor between UV 20 and UV 80, our modern high-tech fabrics protect against dangerous UV-rays.

Explanation: With a UV 80 sun protection factor you can stay in the sun 80 times longer than unprotected.


Protection against rain

Staying outside – also by instable weather. Enjoy your terrace on sunny and rainy days.

Conventional awnings are just limited suitable when it rains. The patented SUNRAIN awnings were developped escecially for those who want be independent of the whether.


Focus on environment

We live the environmental idea. With an environmental friendly and resource protecting production. Thanks to recyclable materials.

And of course, with innovative, long lasting products – made for many years of terrace enjoyment.

Our products also help to save energy in everyday use. Thanks to innovative awning systems and fabrics, the heating of the interiors can be contained significantly even in summer – for a sense of well-being even without AC.


High-tech fabrics

After weaving our polyacrylic and polyester fabrics are finished with a protective layer.

This special impregnation prevents from water, moisture as well as dirt and supports the self-cleaning effect – the water just drips off, like known from nature.

Our high-quality polyacrylic and polyester fabrics are made from 100 % solution dyed materials. In other words, each yarn is coloured from the surface to the core. The result: brillant colours with a strong brightness. And thanks to the UV resistance, they are colour fast even after years.