Shading for large glazed areas

Sunroom shade

Shades mounted on the glass roof or sunroom protect the room underneath from overheating. In SZ awnings for conservatories and sunrooms, the fabric runs in the side guide rails over the entire profile. This fabric guidance gives the awning particular wind stability and prevents slits of light between the fabric and the side guide rail.

Awning for conservatories, pic in b/wAwning for conservatories, apple-green design

WGB 350 and WGB 350 SZ

The elegant WGB 350 and WGB 350 SZ sunroom shades have a square cassette. The rectilinear profile also ends flush with the guide rails. Both models are the ideal solution for large glazed areas. Of course, multiple systems can be coupled or built in a row.

to the WGB 350 and 350 SZ