The ARCO M and CANTO M – the markisolettes

The ARCO M and CANTO M – the markisolettes

The ARCO – with a semicircular cassette – and CANTO – with a square cassette – window awnings were developed as flexible modular systems that are available in a range of sizes. They are enabling an efficient sun protection for almost all windows. The fabric of the ARCO M and CANTO M markisolettes runs vertically before the drop arms with integrated springs brings it to an angle of up to 140 degrees. This means that the view out remains unobscured despite the protection from the sun. Square or semicircular side guide rails can be selected. For an attractive look, a clip profile on the guide rail conceals the mounting screw connections in the M versions. This removes the need for the otherwise ugly plastic caps used to seal the mounting holes – so the guide rails present a refined and elegant look.


Guide rail of the markisolettesARCO markisolette window awningCANTO markisolette window awning


The ARCO M and CANTO M are available as a single system with the following maximum widths:


100 M – maximum 300 cm

120 M – maximum 400 cm

150 M – maximum 400 cm


The possible widths and maximum heights depend on the chosen awning fabric, as the properties of the various materials result in different maximum dimensions.


LEINER LOUNGE awning coloursThe ARCO M and CANTO M can also be supplied as a multi-field awning with a maximum width of 600 cm in an awning cassette. Multiple fields of differing widths and heights can be integrated as desired.


In the standard version an electric motor is included.


A radio-controlled motor is available as an optional extra, allowing the awning to be extended and retracted conveniently by remote control. The awning can also be supplied with a crank drive on request.


The ARCO M and CANTO M come in the standard colours traffic white (RAL 9016) or white aluminium (RAL 9006), or alternatively in one of the 18 LEINER LOUNGE fine structured finishes at an additional charge. We can also supply them in any preferred RAL colour for an additional charge – ask your dealer for advice.

Optional extras

Discover the optional extras for the ARCO M and CANTO M window awnings:


The fully automated control of a window awningControl

Fully automated controls complement the electric drive. In combination with sun and wind sensors, they offer additional comfort and safety.



LEINER awning's fabricsExclusive awning fabrics to suit every taste

Only the combination of premium awning technology and a weatherproof yet elegant awning fabric will make your awning unique to you.


LEINER fabrics are known both for their quality and for the wide selection of different patterns. Our range comprises more than 200 patterns from various colour schemes and many special fabrics – with a diversity of choice extending from classic block stripes through timeless, monochrome materials to modern stripes. Last but not least, LEINER's awning fabrics offer protection against UV rays of up to factor 80.


Have a browse through the LEINER Fabric planner or ask your specialist partner for advice.


The ARCO M and CANTO M can be mounted directly on the window, in a niche or, with spacers, on the facade.


Cover WGB UG windowsFurther information about the ARCO M and CANTO M models can be found in our window awning brochure, which is available to download (PDF).


What is...?

  • Sun and wind sensor

    If an awning is used to protect a room from overheating or glances, a sun sensor might be helpful. The sensor extends and retracts an electrically operated awning dependend on the sunshine. Sun sensors can be accompanied by wind monitors. (see also the lexikon entry for wind sensor)

  • Acrylic fibre

    Awning fabrics are mainly manufactured with acrylic fibres. These are highly resistant to the strong effect of sunlight. They are also very tear-resistant and colour-fast.

  • Electric drive

    The standard drive available for awnings is the electric drive. This is what is known as a tubular motor that is inserted into the fabric roller.

    xThe LEINER LOUNGE COLOURS are used for the awning components and are characterised by a very finely structured surface and special metallic effect. The particularly high-grade powder coating is available in a total of 18 colours and is also extremely robust.
  • ARCO

    The name of the LEINER window awning series with a semicircular formed cassette. The cassettes come in a range of sizes to suit different window dimensions and fabric heights. The ARCO is available as a drop-arm and vertical awning (also wind-stable) or as a markisolette (see the lexicon entry for (markisolette).