The PURO F Klemm – the clamp awning for balconies

The PURO F Klemm – the clamp awning for balconies

The PURO F clamp awning was designed for use on balconies. The awning is mounted on two supports, which are clamped between floor an ceiling. The fabric is tensioned by springs, which are included in the drop arms.


The screw connections on the drop arms are concealed, ensuring a more elegant look. The maximum arm inclination is 140 degrees, and arms can be supplied in lengths from 60 to 125 cm.



clamp awning for balkonies


The PURO F is available as a single system with the following maximum widths:

Maximum 400 cm, drop arms from 60 – 125 cm

Maximum 500 cm, drop arms from 60 – 100 cm

Maximum 600 cm, drop arms from 60 – 80 cm


In the standard version the awning comes with an electric motor.


A radio-controlled motor is available as an optional extra, allowing the awning to be extended and retracted conveniently by remote control. The awning can also be supplied with a crank drive on request (lower price).


The PURO F Klemm comes in the standard colours traffic white (RAL 9016) or white aluminium (RAL 9006) – ask your specialist partner for advice.

Optional extras

Window awning with wind control systemControl

Fully automated controls complement the electric drive and offer additional comfort and safety as sun and wind monitors. 


Our Specialist partner will be happy to advise you.



Vertical awning PURO F: fabricsExclusive awning fabrics to suit every taste

Only the combination of premium awning technology and a weatherproof yet elegant awning fabric will make your awning unique to you.


LEINER fabrics are known both for their quality and for the wide selection of different patterns. Our range comprises more than 200 patterns from various colour schemes and many special fabrics – with a diversity of choice extending from classic block stripes through timeless, monochrome materials to modern stripes. Last but not least, LEINER's awning fabrics offer protection against UV rays of up to factor 80.


Have a browse through the LEINER Fabric planner.


PURO F awning for balkoniesThe PURO F Klemm can be secured between the floor and the ceiling.


What is...?

  • Ripples around seams and corrugations in fabric sheets

    Before stitching, the awning fabric is doubled in the manufacturing process. When the fabric is rolled up on the fabric roller of your awening, different winding diameters are created around the seams. Because of the tension of the folding arms as well as the sagging of the profiles, corrugations result. If they are exposed to rain, especially acrylic fabrics strongly tend to corrugations.

  • Extruded aluminium

    Aluminium can be deformed under very high pressure. The extrusion process forces aluminium through a mould to produce profiles which can, for instance, be used as cassettes for cassette awnings.

  • Fabric roller

    The awning fabric is rolled up on the pivoted fabric roller. The awning drive (gear or motor) is also located in the fabric roller, which is usually made of steel.

  • Powder coating

    LEINER aluminium components are almost always powder-coated. In powder coating, a coloured powder is sprayed onto the surface to be coated; then the powder is "baked on" by thermal treatment. Powder-coated surfaces are characterised by high resistance and colour fastness.

  • Width of awning

    The width of the awning is by definition greater than the width of the awning fabric.