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The PERGOLA SUNRAIN L – the terrace folding roof for sun, wind and rain

The PERGOLA SUNRAIN L – the terrace folding roof for sunshine, wind and rain

The PERGOLA SUNRAIN L is a winning combination of appealing modern design and system sizes of up to 84.5 m2. Elegant and extremely sturdy profiles allow the retractable terrace folding roof to be used even at wind strengths of up to nine on the Beaufort Scale, depending on size. Water runs off both into the rain gutter due to the inclination of the system and through the front supports. A radio-controlled motor is included as standard, with a range of manual remote controls or wall switches to choose from.


The standard features also include a waterproof awning fabric made of heavy-duty PVC offering the highest factor 80 UV protection and available in a range of attractive colours.


PERGOLA SUNRIN with closed roofPERGOLA SUNRAIN L with open folded roofPERGOLA SUNRAIN L, lightning at nightPERGOLA SUNRAIN L with integrated led lights


LEINER LOUNGE awning's coloursThe PERGOLA SUNRAIN L is available with a maximum projection of 650 cm. In one-field systems the maximum width is 500 cm, in two field systems the maximum is 900 cm and in three-field systems it is 1,300 cm.


The PERGOLA SUNRAIN L comes in the standard colours traffic white (RAL 9016) or white (RAL 9010), or alternatively in one of the 18 LEINER LOUNGE fine structured finishes. We can also supply them in any preferred RAL colour for an additional charge – ask your dealer for advice.


For wind-stable protection from the sun the PERGOLA L is also available in the SUNSHINE variant. This is fitted with a mesh fabric and provides effective protection against the sun even at high wind strengths.

Markisentuch für regensichere MarkisenExclusive awning fabrics to suit every taste

Only the combination of premium awning technology and a weatherproof yet elegant awning fabric will make your awning unique to you.


LEINER materials are known both for their quality and for the wide selection of different patterns. Last but not least, LEINER's awning fabrics offer protection against UV rays of up to factor 80.


Have a browse through the LEINER material collection.

Optional extras

Discover the many different optional extras for the PERGOLA SUNRAIN L:


Pergola L mit BeleuchtungLighting

LED lights integrated in every second cross-purlin ensure atmospheric lighting under the terrace folding roof. The LEDs can be dimmed using a remote control, allowing adjustment to particular lighting needs.


Hood profile for terrace folding roofHood profile

A hood profile is also available as an option for your terrace folding roof. It protects the folded fabric from dirt when retracted and can be supplied in different sizes (depending on the projection).


Vertical awnings

To create a textile space with even greater flexibility, the sides of your PERGOLA SUNRAIN L can be supplemented with wind-stable vertical awnings. The awning fabrics lie protected in a cassette and can optionally also be fitted with a window of transparent PVC.

Fabric stabilisation profile (FSP)

In particularly windy locations the wind can force the fabric up while it is being retracted. To avoid this as far as possible, a fabric stabilisation profile (FSP) fitted directly on the awning fabric is available for an extra charge..


Fully automated wind control of PERGOLA SUNRAIN LControl

Fully automated controls complement the electric drive and offer additional comfort and safety as sun and wind monitors, automatically extending or retracting your terrace folding roof according to the sunlight, even when you are not at home. Given the sensitivity to wind, the wind monitor is of limited use with terrace folding roofs. Conventional wind monitors are configured for up to about six on the Beaufort Scale.


Side awning for PERGOLA SUNRAIN LCALYPSO ROLL side awning

The CALYPSO ROLL side awning protects against both sunlight from the side and inquisitive glances – making it the perfect complement to the PERGOLA SUNRAIN L for your terrace. The side awning offers protection from light wind.

Heaters in LEINER LOUNGE coloursHeater

A heater allows you to sit out longer on those balmy summer evenings and enjoy the pleasant warmth under your terrace folding roof. The heaters are also available in one of our 18 LEINER LOUNGE colours to match the terrace folding roof. You also have the option of operating it wirelessly and integrating it into your smart home.


Two combined PERGOLA DUO awningsPERGOLA DUO

Two PERGOLA SUNRAIN L systems can be combined with a Gastro frame to provide shade to large areas – the sizes are flexible and can be tailored to the particular terrace situation.




PERGOLA SUNRAIN L TechnologyThe PERGOLA SUNRAIN L can be mounted on a wall or a permanent structure.


Further information about the PERGOLA SUNRAIN L model can be found in our PERGOLA SUNRAIN brochure, which is available to download (PDF).


What is...?

  • Cross-purlin
    xSee the lexicon entry for purlin.
  • VARIO-VOLANT valance
    xA VARIO-VOLANT valance is the name given to an awning fabric that can be steplessly rolled up in the front profile and can serve to provide privacy from neighbouring properties or balconies. However, its main purpose is to adapt the awning to the trajectory of the sun. An awning without a VARIO-VOLANT valance is of very limited use on west-facing terraces that are often exposed to the sun low in the sky. The shaded area is enlarged by simply extending the VARIO-VOLANT valance, for which a range of special fabrics as well as the normal awning fabrics are available. All VARIO-VOLANT valances from LEINER can also be controlled automatically by remote control on request.
  • Underglass awning
    xThis is fitted underneath the glazing of glass terrace roofs. The underglass awning is designed to be particularly suitable for areas protected from the wind.
  • Narrow awning
    xThis is the appropriate solution where the installation space is confined. The narrow awning has criss-crossing folding arms, so offers more projection than width while retaining stability.
  • Emergency crank handle motors (SAFETY MOTION)
    xThe SAFETY MOTION emergency manual drive is the last-resort concept for your awning ? should the radio-controlled motor ever go on strike, the awning can be closed manually by crank with the emergency manual drive.


  • 13m width
  • 6.5m projection
  • Radio control
  • LED
  • 7-9 bfd